Center for NMR Spectroscopy & Imaging of Proteins
Developing Advanced Imaging Technologies
Education & Outreach
The Opella Team
The lab is composed of a talented team of researchers, engineers, and students, led by Dr. Stanley Opella.

Our Mission

We are a Biomedical Technology Research Center (BTRC) focused on the development of new technology for NMR spectroscopy and to make it available to the biomedical research community for structure determination of proteins in biological supramolecular assemblies, such as membrane proteins or virus particles.

Core Research Projects

The BTRC has four core Technological Research and Development components:

Develop molecular biology, isotopic labeling and refolding of membrane proteins in phospholipid bilayers.

Design and construct probes for solid-state NMR of lossy samples.

Develop and implement new solid-state NMR experiments.

Develop methods to calculate protein structures from solid-state NMR experimental data.

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