We utilize the Biotechnology Resource Center as a magnet for training students with diverse backgrounds, and accelerating their acceptance into mainstream scientific research – through activities such as hands-on training, dissemination, tours, and outreach events.


Students trained at the Center

Aatif Amin was trained in expression, purification and solution NMR of Mer proteins and applied it to a Hg(II) protein isolated from polluted soil bacteria Pakistan.

John Lee and Matt Jaremko from the Burkart lab learned protein structure determination. They have monthly meetings at the Center to discuss research strategies. Since Stan Opella introduced NMR to the students in the Burkart lab in 2011, 50% of their members use the technique.

Jun Heo learned structure calculations with Ye Tian and the Marassi laboratory.

Carl Kyrillos learned to build and test RF coils for NMR.

Willi Cheung worked on all aspects of biochemistry of Vpu.

Mitchell Zhao worked on IL8 and myristoylation.

A multidisciplinary training experience.

Training and dissemination at the BTRC includes all aspects of our research:

  • RF circuits and probe design
  • NMR experiments
  • Biochemistry
  • NMR sample preparation
  • Calculations

Dissemination drives training and research

Zheng Long on ‘rotation’ in the NMR lab, summer 2014

Zheng working on CXCR2, May 2016

Student Tours

Tours allow undergraduates in math, engineering, and computer science to see that there can be place for each of them in an NMR lab.

Outreach to local schools and the general public


We visit area schools and talk to students about the research we conduct and the technologies that we develop at the NMR Center.

Inspiring future generations

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